Upon arrival at the campsite, customers are required to present themselves at the reception with ids or passport for all crew members to check-in.

Cars are allowed to enter the campsite only on the day of arrival and the day of departure: for loading and unloading operations, guests can reach the designated parking area, then they can use the special trolleys to reach the accommodation / pitch. Cars cannot circulate inside the campsite for any other reason and should be taken to our outdoor parking lot and must display the appropriate badge issued by the Reception staff; the lack of the appropriate badge will make the vehicle abusive inside the car park and therefore attributable to the daily rate of € 10.00. The parking is private but not guarded: the campsite is not responsible for any damage or theft suffered.

The entrance gate will be closed from 20.00 to 7.30. During these times, only walking will be allowed. It is recommended to observe the times of silence from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 23.00 to 7.00, during which annoying noises that can disturb the rest of the campers are forbidden. Please keep the volume of televisions, radios or other activities low.

  • The Management of Camping Village Santapomata reserves the right to unilaterally interrupt the sales contract (reservation) if the guest is going to disturb the public peace in the structure or in the event of serious misconduct by the guest towards the staff and other guests of Camping Village Santapomata.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the housing units and in both public and private bathrooms and in all enclosed spaces.

The vegetation in the campsite is to be considered a naturalistic heritage, therefore it is strictly forbidden to damage, cut or uproot plants, dig holes for iceboxes or unloading for caravans and surround the tents with pits. We ask you not to hang various types of objects, hammocks, tying threads to hang out the laundry or anything else; otherwise, the authorized personnel will immediately remove the object and then check for any damage which will then be charged to the responsible as compensation. It is forbidden to throw both solid and liquid waste on the ground, which must be thrown into the appropriate containers outside the campsite. It is forbidden by law to light fires in the campsite and on the beach. In the event of a fire, immediately notify the reception and the staff in charge. There are fire extinguishers and hoses throughout the campsite, at well-signposted points.

The electrical connection is allowed only with rubberized cable in accordance with EEC standards and must be placed on the ground without crossing the main roads. The cable must have a length not exceeding 25 meters and there must be no joints from the caravan or tent to the electricity column. The use of hairdryers, irons and other high-absorption appliances is prohibited, as this would cause the power supply to be interrupted in the column; Guests are therefore asked to use the special electrical sockets located inside the toilet blocks.

Water is an important resource and a collective good, which is why we ask you to use it with extreme conscience. It is strictly forbidden to pour dirty or soapy water on the ground, caravans or campers must use the appropriate containers for drains. Vehicle washing is possible in the external car park.

Dogs are welcome in our Mini Lodge Tents Dog Friendly, in our Lodge Tents Dog Friendly and in the Camping area, for customers with their own camper, caravan or tent. Pets must be reported at time of booking. Only one pet per household is allowed in the rented facilities. However, they are not allowed inside the Mobile Homes and Bungalows. Dog owners are obliged to always lead pets on a leash and to always collect excrement, both outside and inside the camping; pets must never be left unattended, but always accompanied by their respective owners in order not to disturb other guests.

  • Inside the village there is an infirmary with a doctor in the structure one hour a day from June to September approx. (for a fee).
  • The Management declines all responsibility in the event of theft (both of the vehicle and of the contents), vandalism, environmental damage, natural disasters, damage in the event of a temporary lack of gas, electricity, water or technical faults in the systems, accidents caused by natural causes, by any kind of wild animal, by guests or by their equipment or mobile means; is not responsible for the sums of money or objects of the campers, nor for damages of a natural nature (falling branches, pine cones, etc…) or traffic accidents, or damages that occur inside the campsite or in the parking lot.
  • Anyone who finds any object within the Campsite enclosure is required to deliver it to the Management who will return it to its rightful owner.

Guests are admitted during office hours (8:00 – 7:30 pm) at the discretion of the Management, paying the regular daily fee if the stay in the campsite exceeds two hours. The document left on arrival must be collected during office hours. Day guests can be admitted, for daytime stops until 9.30 pm, with advance payment of the relative rates per person and per parking space.

  • The Management reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept unwanted or surplus campers.
  • Our guests are required to wear an identification bracelet throughout their stay. Those who are found inside the property of the Camping Village Santapomata without the identification bracelet and the necessary authorizations must immediately leave the village, after having paid the expected daily rate and may be subject to a complaint for trespassing pursuant to the ‘art. 614 of the Criminal Code.


In the high season the minimum bookable stay is two weeks, unless otherwise confirmed by our booking office, this confirmation must be in writing. Uninhabited tents / caravans / campers are not allowed. In any case, two adults plus pitch will be charged every night, even if there is one or zero people.

  • Minors are not allowed unless accompanied by at least one adult present for the duration of the stay.
  • For long stays, customers are asked to check attendance with the Management by the end of every month. Failure to comply will result in the total charge of attendance.
  • The place for the placement will be assigned at check-in. The refusal of the assigned place does not allow the stay in the campsite. The assigned pitch cannot be changed.
  • In the early and late season, in relation to the number of guests present, some services may be reduced or not working.
  • The use of barbecue is NOT permitted

Accommodation for rent:

Payment for the stay in the rental facilities must be made upon arrival. The delivery of the keys for the booked accommodation will take place starting from 16.00 until 19.00: once the check-in procedure is completed, guests can drive to the parking area used for unloading and will be accompanied to the respective accommodation by the staff, through the use of baggage trolleys.

  • In case of early arrival (before 4.00 pm), once the check-in procedure has been completed, our guests will be able to use the services provided by Camping Village Santapomata while waiting to take possession of the accommodation intended for them.

Check out: pitches and mini lodge tents by 11.00 am and lodge/mobile homes/bungalows/caravans by 10.00 am. After this time an extra day will be charged.

  • A deposit of € 150.00 in cash (or the credit card number as guarantee) will be required upon arrival during the check-in procedure; upon departure, the staff will check the condition of the accommodation and, if everything is in order, the deposit will be fully refunded.
  • The cleaning of the kitchenette/dishes/glasses/cutlery, not included in the final cleaning, will be the responsibility of the guest: failure to comply will result in a charge of € 50.00, which will be deducted from the security deposit given on arrival, or charged to the credit card provided as a guarantee.
  • Guests are kindly requested to notify the reception staff, within 24 hours of their arrival, of any damage to the accommodation or missing items.

Smoking is prohibited inside the accommodation, we trust in your cooperation not to throw cigarette butts on the ground. It is also forbidden to bring the interior furnishings outside; For safety reasons, the televisions must not be moved from the special supports.

The cancellation of the reservation must take place online or per mail, according to the methods explained in the booking phase and any refund will take place by the end of the current year. The reservation is binding for the period booked, if the customer arrives or leaves in a different day than the booking, s*he is still required to pay the total. It is personal, non-transferable and constitutes a free contract between the parties.

The balance will be paid in full upon arrival, by credit card, debit card or cash; bank checks accepted only for stays of at least two weeks.

In the event of fire or severe weather, guests are kindly requested to follow the rules of conduct set out by the Management.

Staying in the campsite implies full acceptance of these regulations. Its non-compliance can lead to a recall or, in serious cases, to expulsion at the sole discretion of the Management. Furthermore, this company reserves the right to make changes or additions to the articles covered by this regulation.

The Management asks you to abide by the regulations for the proper functioning of the Camping Village, thanks you and wishes you a pleasant stay.