Camping Village Regulation
Upon arrival, guests are kindly requested to show up a valid identity card or passport at the Reception in order to make the check-in. One id card or passport must be left at the Reception until the day of departure.

Cars may enter the Camping only the arrival-and departure day, and reach the designated area to load and unload. There, our guests will find trolleys to carry the luggage to the Mobile Homes/Pitches. Then cars must be parked in our parking area (outside) and show the specific badge on the main window screen of the car. If not, we will charge € 10.00 per day.

The entrance gate will be closed from 8.00 pm to 7.30 am. During this time only pedestrian crossing is allowed. From 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm and from 11.00 pm to 7 am campers are urged to avoid all noise and discussions that could interfere with their neighbours.

The vegetation of the camping village is a rare naturalistic heritage; It is strictly forbidden to damage or to uproot plants, to dig pitches or make ditches around tents. It is also forbidden to tamper with the vegetation, to hang up hammocks or clotheslines, to fix or hang objects of any other kind, or to attach electrical cables. Our personnel is authorised to immediately detach any object attached to the trees in violation of these regulations. It’s strictly forbidden to trash and pour any kind of waste on the campsite, campers are kindly requested to used the garbage bins inside and outside the camping area. It is strictly forbidden by law to light fires on the beach.

Hook-up points – electric rubber cables are only allowed with under EEC regulation and should be extended on the ground without passing through the main roads. Cables must have a length not exceeding 25 metres. Do not use hairdryers, irons and other high absorption devices, this would cause power interruption; for such uses, guests are kindly requested to use common services by the toilet blocks.

Water is a precious resource therefore please use it rationally. It is strictly forbidden to pour dirty water or soap on the ground: campers are kindly requested to use proper bins.

Pets are not allowed in restaurant, bar, bathrooms. Dogs, when allowed, must be always kept on a leash and their droppings must be collected. Dogs’ owners must take responsibility for their dogs and keep them under control in order to avoid noise that could disturb other guests. Dogs’ owners are always required to leave the animal with at least one person. Pets are welcome in our Mini Lodge Dog Friendly, in our Lodge Tent Dog Friendly and in campsite, for those who have their own tent, caravan or camper. Only one pet per family is allowed in our accommodation.Pets are not allowed in our Mobile homes and Bungalow.

The camping is attended, but the management doesn’t take charge of any kind of damage to things or persons and of any kind of accidents. Campers themselves are responsible for any kind of damage or accident.

Lost property found on the campsite can be handed in to the Reception. The staff will provide for the return of items to their rightful owners.

To be eligible to enter and stay at the campsite, campers must be authorised by the management or their representative. Anyone entering the campsite must report to reception and complete the necessary registration form. Visitors will pay the daily camping fee if they stay inside the campsite more than 2 hours. ID cards, left at the reception on arrival, will be returned before living the campsite, only during the reception opening hours.

All non-guests or visitors strictly require the management consent prior to admittance. The management reserves the right to refuse or accept conditionally. Our guests are required to wear identification bracelets during their stay.


During high season, bookings are at least weekly, except for written authorization from our booking department. Unmanned tents/caravans/campers are not accepted: 2 people + pitch fees will be charged every night, even there is only one person.

Minors are only admitted if accompanied by adults for the entire duration of stay.

For long stays, guests are kindly requested to check the attendance register by the end of the month at the reception desk. Failure to comply with this rule, a fee equal to whole attendances will be charged.

The pitch must be assigned by the management during the check in. In case of refusal by the guest, the stay won’t be accepted. The assigned pitch can’t be changed.

At the beginning/end of season, with regards to present guests’ number, services can be limited or not available.

Booking is personal, not transferable, it represents a free agreement among parts.

Accommodations for rent:

Keys can be collected between 4.00pm and 7.00pm: after the check-in procedure, the staff will accompany guests to the assigned accommodation using our trolleys for luggage. In case of earlier arrival (before 4.00pm), after the check-in procedure, guests can use the services of the Camping Village Santapomata while waiting for the key.

Check-out: pitches by 11.00 o’clock, accommodations for rent by 10.00 o’clock. After that time, one more night will be charged.

Mobile Homes:

Upon arrival it is required to settle the balance of the stay, during the check in procedure, and a deposit of € 150,00 cash (or a credit card number to secure the accommodation) is required. This to ensure any claim of damage of the Mobile Home; on departure the state of the Mobile Home will be checked and if everything is ok, the staff will return the deposit.

Kitchenette cleaning is not included in final cleanings. Upon departure, € 50,00 will be charged if the kitchenette won’t be cleaned from guest.

Guests are pleased to verify the integrity of the accommodation, and communicate any kind of defects or missing object to reception within 24H from your arrival.

All accommodations are non-smoker. Guests are kindly requested not to move (inside or outside the accommodation) any kind of furniture.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations must be made online (if you booked online), communicate by fax, e-mail or mail (the postmark sate will make evidence). In case of  Penalty 100% for No-Show. Penalty 100% of the total booking cost within 7 days prior to arrival. Penalty 30% of the total booking cost within 30 days prior to arrival. Penalty 15% of the total booking cost within 60 days prior to arrival. Penalty 2% of the total booking cost within 90 days prior to arrival. No reduction is expected if the arrival is not in accordance with reservation or if the departure is prior to the booked period stay. In case of delayed arrival, bungalows/pitches will be available until 01.00pm of the following day of the reservation, after this time, the customer will be considered no-show, unless previous communication by fax, e-mail or fax.

All refunds will be returned from the end of November of the current year.

Minors are not allowed unless accompanied by an adult for all duration of the stay.

If guests leave before the end of the rental period, the total amount of their stay until the date of departure will have to be paid.

Bookings are weekly from Saturday to Saturday from June to September. The minimum booking period is one week, unless different confirmation from our booking office; the confirmation must be sent by e-mail. Payment must be settled upon the arrival with a credit card (diners not accepted) or cash (just for payments under € 2.999,00), cheques are accepted only for two weeks stays.

The stay on the campsite implicates full acceptance of the present regulation. Anybody breaking the above rules can be requested to leave the campsite. The management reserves the right to modify or update the regulations.


Guests are kindly requested to respect the rules and procedures mentioned above, in order to help us to offer you the best possible service. The staff wishes you an enjoyable stay and a lovely time at Camping Village Santapomata.